Our history

2001 March 5th     
MB Scientific AB was established. Main office was registered at Egilsgatan 11A, Uppsala, Sweden.

2002 March              
MBS JD-01 gas jet device for Doppler free measurements was successfully delivered at Spring-8 BL27.

2002 November       
Main office was moved at Seminariegatan 29 B, Uppsala, Sweden.

2003 March            
First sub-meV photoelectron spectrometer MBS A-1 was developed and successfully delivered to UVSOR.

2003 July                 
Japan service office was opened at Nagata in Higashi-Osaka Japan.

2004 March             
Japan service office was moved from Nagata to Honjyo in Higashi-Osaka Japan.

2006 May                 
Compact ECR type ultrahigh intense VUV light source MBS T-1, which can take Xe gas, was developed and successfully installed at Takahashi Lab in Tohoku University.

2008 April                
MBS A1L2 High Retardation Lens was developed and successfully installed to A-1#03 for Osaka Univ.

2009 March             
MBS VUV Full System #04 was installed at CAS in Beijing.

2010 May                 
Established 100% Daughter Company MBS Japan co. Ltd. at the same place with Japan Service office to purchase fine mechanical.

2011 November        
MBS Ultra High Resolution ARPES System MBS A1SYS was developed and installed at Shiga University.

2013 June                 
MBS A-1 analyser 10th anniversary memorial workshop was held in Hotel Uppsala.

2014 October           
MBS A-1 #04 was upgraded and installed at Saga LS with Lens L4.

2015 August             
M2S conference in Genève Visiting Prof Baumberger lab with MBS prospectors and customers.

2016 February          
We have delivered 3rd ARPES system to Japan.

2019 February          
We moved to Fålhagsleden 61 and had an Open house.

2022 June                
MBS has delivered our products in 14 countries in total!

2023 June                
We hosted a workshop at Rånäs castle outside of Uppsala. We invited customers and collaborators, together with our MBS team we had a wonderful weekend.

2024 June                
We hosted a workshop at Krusenberg castle outside of Uppsala. This year was successful as well.