Welcome to MB Scientific

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Welcome to MB Scientific AB

MB Scientific AB challenging every day to develop and produce best possible instruments for the advanced research. We will keep working hard to produce reliable instruments and assist all our customers in their effort, pushing the front line of science forward, as I believe this helps bringing us all a peaceful and prosperous future.

That's why our focus is on our customer's satisfaction, always faithful to them and keep clear responsibility in the company.

Finally, provide the best products with best support to make our customer quickly producing world leading data.

Best Regards
Mitsuse Matsuki, CEO & Owner of MB Scientific AB

The latest news
  • 2024-07-10 00:00

    Our fantastic Hugo has completed his bachelor’s thesis at MBS!

    These are words from Hugo himself about the work:
    The last ten weeks I have been working on my bachelor's thesis here at MB Scientific. The purpose of the thesis is to design a water distiller where the distilled water will be used for rinsing mechanical parts. Here in the pictures is a functional prototype built with the support of the MBS team. The prototype is now almost ready for complete system tests!
    Mr. Hugo Bjurman.

  • 2024-06-11 07:43

    MBS team gathered

    Today the office is full with MBS stars from all over the world⭐️

  • 2024-03-05 00:00

    MBS has made a frame for the A-1_#0012 Spin System upgrade

    The frame is equipped with numerous adjustable features tailored for synchrotron experiments. The A-1_#0012 system is currently deployed at Saga Light Source, scheduled for an upcoming upgrade.
    This part of our frame system, Niklas Dackborn, the managing director of our important supplier ESSDE Teknik, visited us to inspect their delivery. We are happy to maintain such close collaboration with them.


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