Welcome to MB Scientific

Pushing science forward with
state-of-the-art instrumentation

Welcome to MB Scientific AB

MB Scientific AB challenging every day to develop and produce best possible instruments for the advanced research. We will keep working hard to produce reliable instruments and assist all our customers in their effort, pushing the front line of science forward, as I believe this helps bringing us all a peaceful and prosperous future.

That's why our focus is on our customer's satisfaction, always faithful to them and keep clear responsibility in the company.

Finally, provide the best products with best support to make our customer quickly producing world leading data.

Best Regards
Mitsuse Matsuki, CEO & Owner of MB Scientific AB

The latest news
  • 2023-11-13 08:38

    MB Scientific AB is one of the new Gold Sponsor for the Akademiska Hospital Child Fund (Akademiska Barnfond)

    MB Scientific AB is proud to announce that we have become one of the Gold Sponsors for the Akademiska Hospital Child Fund (Akademiska Barnfond).

    This organization supports sick children and their siblings, helping them find smiles through various activities.
    We are more determined than ever to work hard and contribute to science. Our results also bring smiles to many children who are going through difficult times.

  • 2023-04-11 13:03

    University of St Andrews in Scotland

    Last week we visited our customer at the University of St Andrews in Scotland and upgraded our A-1_#0037 analyser.

  • 2023-03-27 13:39

    New Haven, USA

    This week we have been to Yale University in New Haven, to install our first A-1 analyser (A-1_#0047) in the USA.
    Thank you to Professor Yu He and his group for having us!


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